Sunday, 14 August 2011

When I Come to Life's Well

 When I come to life’s well let me not drink
 In timid, cautious and cowardly sips
But let me partake in great gulping drafts
Of the cup that is offered to my lips.

In those timid and cautious little sips
The blaze of light can never be.
Little sips are a twilight nether world
Where truth can’t be found or minds set free.

For when we drink of the entire rich cup,
-As indeed we all undoubtedly must-
We grow in mercy and compassion
And in the knowledge that we are dust.

So now while I live let me drink deeply,
Let it pour down over my sides
In a stream that is rich and deep and full
For as long as breath in this body resides.

For the night will come, and sleeping too
And into that darkness all thoughts must sink,
So now while it’s day I rush to life’s well,
And In great gulping drafts continue to drink.

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