Sunday, 14 August 2011

Five Senses of Praise

Listen, the sapphire sky, the rolling cloud,
The morning’s revelation of colour and light
Declares loudly in a voice that all can hear
God’s love, power and awesome might.

Look, night’s velvet quilt, its studding of stars,
The changing moon’s silken sheen,
Reveals clearly in a dark lustrous display
The handiwork of His undeniable being.

Smell, inhale deeply into your mind
The rich perfumes of herb, shrub and tree,
Gorgeously, headily, sensuously revealing
God’s deep goodness and great mercy.

Touch, draw in close the joy that is offered,
Hold it in tightly right next to your heart,
Feel there the deep sense of safety and peace
God’s loving, warm embrace can impart.

Taste, for this honeyed food, abundant and free,
This giver of life, bread from above,
Is filled with the heavenly flavours that show
God’s sustaining, caring, nurturing love.

Praise, not just with lips, word, or song
Or the wonders of taste, touch or seeing
But as a great glorious celebration of God
Pouring out from every cell of your being.

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