Sunday, 25 August 2013

Spring Day.

O thank you, thank you for this day,
Thank you for life, for one more day-
For this blue sky, cloud scudded, leaf swaying day,
This glistening, sparkling, sun filled day,
This dappled, shade strewn and patterned day,
This magnolia blooming, freesia littered, plum blossoming day,
This bud swelling, bird singing, spring cool fresh day,
This day that turns its back on winter’s cold,
This day of growth, colour and coming warmth,
This day of birth and laughter and song,
This tender day, this day of beginnings,
This lung filling, mind uplifting, joyous day,
This day when the heart swells and hope, like sap, rises,
This day when the world seems bright and light-
O thank you, thank you for this day,
Thank you for life, for one more day-
Let me join in its joyous song and praise.
Let this mind too blossom and grow.
Help me to walk worthily in it and through it.
Take my hand. Lead me. Show me the way.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


The night is bleak and full of sounds-
I feel the blackness, I feel the pain
and in the dark and deepening void
hear words cry out in vain-
children’s tears, ravaging hunger,
bitterness, anguish, and defeat,
heart’s disappointment, love’s sorrow,
lies, injustice, crippling deceit.
Strange then to see an incandescent glow,
Feel despair displaced by compassion,
Bitterness swallowed by gentle sorrow,
Empathy consume anger and indignation.
O grasp that glow and hold it tight.
Only love can restrain the night.

Saturday, 3 August 2013


We struggle and strive for so many things,
For knowledge, power, wealth or pleasure
But five for which the full heart sings
Are the source and foundation of real treasure-
Someone to love, to hold in the night,
Children for joy, laughter and caring,
Faith and hope for guidance and light,
Shelter from storm, friendship for sharing-
These are bread, wine and oil beyond price-
For joy and for sorrow these will suffice.