Sunday, 14 August 2011

Eyes to See

 I found the way to the tree of life,
Or rather, it was shown to me.
The path looked hidden, steep and hard
But I had eyes that could see.

I thought it for the good and great
And not for such as me
But found that all could walk that way
As long as they have eyes to see.

I said that the cost would be far too great
But found that the path was free,
Save I must seek to share the way
With all who have eyes to see.

I said to my friend and my neighbour too-
“Come walk this path with me.”
They shook their heads and said “What path?”
For their eyes were too blind to see.

But what sweet joy I have had as I’ve gone
Despite vale and hill and adversity,
All of which have just made me strong
And my eyes are much brighter to see.

So years have passed since I began to walk
And am still yet to reach the tree
But look, how bright with hope it shines
For those who have eyes to see.

But when I think of that other path
That broadly descends to dark, silent sea,
Then my heart is filled with tenderness
For those with eyes too blind to see.

O that I could make the path plain,
From their blindness set them free,
Salve their blind eyes, remove their blind scales,
So that at last their blind eyes could see.

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