Monday, 29 July 2013

Evening on Brighton Beach, St Vincent's Gulf.

Look how the attendant Night
Places diamonds in the blue black sky,
Clothes the horizon in orange glow,
The sea in glittering silvered shimmer
And the distant clouds in deep purple gown.
See, even the houses on the low hills
Are transformed into sparkles of coloured light
And all the land’s imperfections, pock marks and wrinkles
Brushed clean away by her gentle soft touch.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


I surrender to you, you vastness.
Let your great current consume me,
Take me where it will, deep, deep, beyond land,
Far out into your trackless wonder,
Beyond sheltered cove or stagnant stillness,
Into your serenity, your peace, your calm,
Your troughs of empathy for heartache and woe,
Your tear-filled tempests for grief and loss.
O bring forth your mighty waves, let them
Roll and crash out beauty and pain,
Let them move over and in and through,
Let them draw me deeply into your depths,
Into a pure sublime tide beyond self where,
In transcendent wonder, I can sink and drown.