Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Two more for the little ones


Hush! Tread quietly and don’t disturb
For here is a moment to always treasure
For this little girl though she’s less than one
Is looking at books and chatting with pleasure
Hush! Tread quietly and softly retreat,
Tiptoe gently away from this place,
For who for a moment would ever disturb
That look of pure joy all over her face.

Hush! Tread quietly and don’t disturb
Yet linger a moment for one last little look,
For this little girl though she’s less than one
Is lost in the world of a wonderful book.

The Very Best Pet.

Some people indeed have unusual pets-
A pig, a python, a fish or a frog-
But none of them can ever compare
To the commonplace, marvellous dog.

You think he’s dozing by the hearth
But he’s always got one eye on you.
He knows exactly how you’re feeling
And he knows exactly what to do.

When you are sad this lovely creature
Places his muzzle on your knee,
Looks at you with gentle soft eyes
And gives you all his sympathy.

When you return from school or work
His greeting makes a dull day bright;
His ears go sleek, he barks with joy
He shakes and wags in pure delight.

Can you take a python for a walk?
Is a frog a blind man’s guide?
Can a fish be taught to sit and stay?
Will a pig lie faithfully by your side?

For slithering snake the answer is no
And also so for fish, frog or hog,
So always remember the very best pet
Is the loving, loyal and wonderful dog.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Yet another nursery rhyme

Old Mother Goose

Old Mother Goose is a friendly old bird
And whenever you go for a walk
If you happen to pass by her way
She will come to the fence for a talk.

Old Mother Goose is the only goose
In a scratchy, snatchy small flock of hens.
She’s old and she’s lame and in a race for food
Those speedy hens beat her time and again..

But give her some bread in a special place
Where the greedy hens can’t grab it and run,
Where it’s safe and secure and she’s left in peace,
So that she can enjoy every crumb.

For this little act of kindness and care
She will be your very best friend
And if you’ve been gone for a little while
She’ll be delighted to see you again.

So dear little ones with minds young and fresh,
What I am saying is nothing so new
For everyone knows that doing kind things
Brings that same kindness straight back to you.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Another nursery rhyme

Look little one,
The leaves have turned yellow,
The sky is pure blue,
The day mild and mellow.

Look little one,
The trees have turned bare,
There’s frost in the morning
And cold everywhere.

Look little one,
There’s buds on the trees,
Flowers are blossoming
And buzzing with bees.

Look little one,
In this blossoming blooming
The cycle of life
Is forever renewing.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Three Nursery Rhymes for my grandchildren

The Little Girl in the Piano

There is a girl in the piano’s shine
And she looks exactly just like me.
Whenever I crawl to that same place
It’s the same little girl I always see.
She has my doll and has my toys
She sits so quietly and makes no noise.
Whenever I want her she’s always there,
She wears my clothes and has my hair,
She has my smile and shares my stare,
And finally she even has my glare,
Especially when at last I see
That she does nothing but copy me.

The Little White Dog

The little white dog sits on the bookcase
On top of the big red dictionary.
When my Pa’s hand goes behind his back
He nods his head and barks at me.

He has a little black nose and a pointy face
And his coat is snowy white,
A little red vest that says “Guide Dog Pups”
And eyes that are black and bright.

I think he’s funny and very cute;
He makes me smile and laugh
But though he barks and nods his head
His voice does seem a lot like Pa’s.

Looking at Books and Practising Words.

Eleanor Miette with sparkling eyes
Is looking at books and practising words
And because she is just twelve months old
Some people may scoff and say “Absurd”

Her mother says she’s got more than thirty
And even Grandpa can understand a few.
He smiles and he knows that on every day
Eleanor Miette is finding something new.

Whenever she comes into the lounge
Eleanor Miette gives a sweet little growl.
It is the leopard’s picture on the wall
That makes her whisper her gentle “Miaow”.

But when it’s dark and time for bed
Though she can chatter, wave and say “Bye bye”,
Eleanor Miette, like so many babes
Just crumples her face and starts to cry.