Saturday, 9 June 2012

Yet another nursery rhyme

Old Mother Goose

Old Mother Goose is a friendly old bird
And whenever you go for a walk
If you happen to pass by her way
She will come to the fence for a talk.

Old Mother Goose is the only goose
In a scratchy, snatchy small flock of hens.
She’s old and she’s lame and in a race for food
Those speedy hens beat her time and again..

But give her some bread in a special place
Where the greedy hens can’t grab it and run,
Where it’s safe and secure and she’s left in peace,
So that she can enjoy every crumb.

For this little act of kindness and care
She will be your very best friend
And if you’ve been gone for a little while
She’ll be delighted to see you again.

So dear little ones with minds young and fresh,
What I am saying is nothing so new
For everyone knows that doing kind things
Brings that same kindness straight back to you.

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