Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Two more for the little ones


Hush! Tread quietly and don’t disturb
For here is a moment to always treasure
For this little girl though she’s less than one
Is looking at books and chatting with pleasure
Hush! Tread quietly and softly retreat,
Tiptoe gently away from this place,
For who for a moment would ever disturb
That look of pure joy all over her face.

Hush! Tread quietly and don’t disturb
Yet linger a moment for one last little look,
For this little girl though she’s less than one
Is lost in the world of a wonderful book.

The Very Best Pet.

Some people indeed have unusual pets-
A pig, a python, a fish or a frog-
But none of them can ever compare
To the commonplace, marvellous dog.

You think he’s dozing by the hearth
But he’s always got one eye on you.
He knows exactly how you’re feeling
And he knows exactly what to do.

When you are sad this lovely creature
Places his muzzle on your knee,
Looks at you with gentle soft eyes
And gives you all his sympathy.

When you return from school or work
His greeting makes a dull day bright;
His ears go sleek, he barks with joy
He shakes and wags in pure delight.

Can you take a python for a walk?
Is a frog a blind man’s guide?
Can a fish be taught to sit and stay?
Will a pig lie faithfully by your side?

For slithering snake the answer is no
And also so for fish, frog or hog,
So always remember the very best pet
Is the loving, loyal and wonderful dog.

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