Sunday, 14 August 2011

I Open the Door of my Heart and Mind

I open the door of my heart and mind
Holding the keys in my hand
And think who I desire to come in
For their entry is at my command.

That charlatan Fame once loudly knocked
But has since crept slinking away;
That preening popinjay Pride is still there
Constantly begging and pleading to stay.

Many others too abound by this door
All wishing to permanently abide;
Anger and Greed are two more foul guests
Who can easily weasel inside.

Strangers who once stood so far away
I now unreservedly admire;
Kindness, Gentleness, Joy and Love
Are the inhabitants I now most desire.

So I open the door widely for them
And invite them to come and stay,
Hoping that they can so fill my house
That they purge all foulness away.

But if I want to change this humble house
Into a temple for Jesus, my King
I must also continue to guard the door
And sweep and clean from within.

For I would be ashamed to ask him to stay
Where it’s all untidy and filthy inside,
So with patience, diligence, and prayer
I work on a house where He can abide.

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