Thursday, 25 August 2011


For Brenda Lynette Creighton, born 1919.
When I was just mere growing cells-
Before I breathed on the earth-
A bonded cord sustained my life
In those months before my birth.

And when I, a naughty, restless child
Could every fence and barrier climb,
In care and love you took a cord
And tethered me safely to a line.

Then when as a boy in deep delight
I through swamp and bush would roam
There was an unbroken, invisible cord
That drew me safely home.

Later there were challenging times
When waves crashed hard and I almost drowned.
You were a rock, a light, a cord
To draw me safely to solid ground.

Time cuts all early dependant cords
But others grow that cannot be broken,
Spun by faith, time and maturing mind,
By laughter, tears, and love unspoken.

So it is with my mother and me,
Where cords of flesh were cut at birth
But invisible cords of faith still grow
Transcending this sentient life on earth. 

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