Sunday, 14 August 2011

Eleanor's Song

For Eleanor Miette, 
Born 22 June, 2011.

May you, dear child of the winter solstice,
Born on this clear blue winter’s day,
Have a heart so warm and loving
That it blows all the chills away.

May you, dear child of this shortest day
Grow to be so joyously bright
That in your dear sweet presence
All bask in warm, clear morning light.

May you, little babe of Tim and Prue
Bring them such deep sense of pleasure
That through all life’s frost and cold
They are filled and warmed beyond all measure.

And may you, little babe, little girl,
You precious gift from God above,
Forever dwell in that pure warmth of faith,
Snug in the arms of God’s great love.

Tim with Eleanor.

Prue and Eleanor, aged 10 weeks


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  2. Obviously I like this, here is my offering from an earlier time. Still untitled, lacks punctuation and a few lines I'd like to rework. Unlikely to happen at the moment.

    Still April autumn day,
    decidious leaves gently fall
    tranquilly down to the ground,
    life ebbing out in varied ways.

    Fleeting life fades.
    Little hands, little feet.
    Momentary peace and lifelong sorrow.
    Covered in a wrap that mother made.

    Little girl I never knew
    I think of you every day
    Pondering about how life would be
    If only I could have carried you


  3. I like both of these very much, though one is very sad.
    I have a question though; doesn't "miette" mean something like "crumb"? That is my hazy recollection since I avoid baking where possible.

  4. Actually, I believe Miette means pearl or little one... beautiful... the name, the child and the poetry.