Saturday, 13 August 2011

By Your Love

Diana with Mr Darcy, about 2002.

For Diana, wife, friend and soul mate.

I have been cocooned by your love,
Wrapped in silken threads of gold,
Made safe and secure and warm there
Whilst outside much was dark and cold.

I have been set free by your love,
Given wings to dry in the dappled dawning,
Danced and sung in deepest joy,
Free to fly in love’s blue morning.

I have been given courage by your love
To face with hopeful heart the coming night,
Seeing it as but the sleep of death
That precedes the glory of morning light.

I have been made at one by your love,
Like two cords of a rope which entwine
To strengthen, complement and complete
So too your heartbeat strengthens mine.

For you and I, though each our own,
Are also uniquely one,
Two hearts, two minds entwined together
For as long as our race does run. 

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