Monday, 17 October 2011

Life is a Breath, a Vapour

Life is a breath, a vapour
A dew drop before the rising sun,
A fleeting appearing of the mist,
Disappearing before it has hardly begun.

For a moment in the shining sun
The refracting light will sparkle and dance;
Then before the rising heat
It disappears into the sky’s expanse.

So delicate, so transient, so brief,
So miraculous is this moment of life,
But so wasted, so undervalued, so spoilt
By division, argument, war and strife.

O seek God with all your heart and mind,
You momentarily living legions of men,
For He has the desire and the great power
From death to make you rise again.

Not to this life of struggle and pain
Powered by mere transient breath,
But to a life filled with the spirit of God,
Set free from the cruel hand of Death.

For God will wipe all tears from eyes,
And make sorrow and sighing flee away;
When in His love and in His power
The resurrected blessed will forever stay.

Is this not worth a moment’s thought
As we hurry through this fleeting day,
That we could dwell on this fair earth
Through eternity’s changed and endless day.

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