Sunday, 23 October 2011


In memory of Joy Bevan.

Her eyes were large and grey,
Her voice was soft and low,
Her mind entirely beautiful,
With a gentle inner glow.

Some celebrate great beauty,
Great power, wealth or fame;
I sing for her who had none of these
But was Joy in more than name.

Great were the gifts she gave
And received most gratefully,
More especially now that hindsight
Has given me eyes that can see.

She was my leader and my guide
Through wonderful realms of gold,
And with a kindly, skilful hand
She let those treasures unfold.

She helped me to love the realm itself,
It was so rich with jewels,
And so the journey and not its end
Became my lifelong rule.

The journey on which she set me
Was beyond all place and time,
Deep, powerful, beautiful and sad,
The complex journey of the mind.

So now for one who seemed to live
A life of quiet dedication,
I raise my voice of praise
In sad, posthumous recognition.

And thank her for her example,
Those values deep and fine,
That showed the prize is in the running
And not the finishing line.

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