Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Hornet’s Nest.

I plunged my stick into the hornet’s nest
And then was surprised to see
That they with great anger emerged
And some of them actually stung me.

Then some of them stung my friends
And some of them my neighbour too;
Then they proceeded to sting my family
And of my enemies quite a few.

And though I might be slow of wit
And prone to many foolish acts
I decided that to meddle and interfere
Can be both painful and incredibly rash.

It’s like grabbing an angry dog by both ears,
You must eventually let the beast go
And the consequences can be nasty indeed
And tear at much more than just ego.

So by my swollen eyes and throbbing nose
I solemnly declare not to interfere
And where hornets and sticks are concerned
I resolve to stay a long way clear.

For hornets are nasty stinging things
And can distribute pain all around;
Sticks are not for wielding or poking
And are harmless when left on the ground.

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