Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A Warp in Time

For Diana.

Your head is on my shoulder.
Your leg crosses mine.
Our quiet and gentle breathing
Is in synchronous time.
The scent of your hair is in my head,
Your satin skin is soft and smooth,
Your arm lies lightly across my chest
And in this warm cocoon we neither move.

Outside the hushed, cold world is transforming.
The first faint rays of morning light
Come grey and dim through the gum trees.
The first magpie warbles the passing of night.
Soon winter light will struggle feebly across the sky,
The busy, hectic world of work will start
And separately rising to our tasks
We sadly must of necessity part.

But now it is this moment of ours
Where we in deep contentment lie,
In dim, half conscious dreaming state
Where the world unnoticed passes by.
That each day can begin with such peace,
Such happiness, is bliss, is joy divine,
A warp in time where you lie close
And your quiet breathing matches mine.

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