Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Ship of Fools

"The Ship of Fools", by Hieronymus Bosch
The ship of fools sails blithely on
Through the troubled night.
The blind navigator plots the course;
The captain lacks all sight;
The crew are easily manipulated men
Who keep their eyes shut tight.

The ship of fools sails blithely on
Ever closer to the shoals.
Though the navigator has some charts
He keeps them tightly rolled.
The captain and the crew are inclined
To see what will unfold.

The ship of fools sails blithely on
Filled with ignorant swine
Who spend their day in discourse,
Who argue, boast and opine;
Whose nights are spent in revelry,
In lusting, fighting and much wine.

The ship itself is a lovely craft
And should demand respect
But they muddle with the rigging
And fail to swab the deck,
So the danger is that graceful ark
Will soon be just a broken wreck.

Then the fools will flail about,
Will find their tongues and speak,
Will cry for mercy and guidance,
Make promises they cannot keep,
Before the tides draw them down
To the unsupportive deep.

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