Friday, 27 December 2013


Little Emmanuel, a prophet wrote
Of one who would become a Prince of Peace,
Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God,
A righteous king whose reign would never cease,
Of such wisdom and understanding
It would be as if God with us did dwell,
So that this Great One, born a babe like you,
Is described by the name you bear, Emmanuel.

Long after those prophecies, Jesus was born,
Lay in His cradle, needed His mother’s care,
Grew to be a child, developed a mind
And character so unsurpassably fair
That when He spoke it seemed like God’s own words.
The outcasts and needy were healed and blessed,
And His power, words and deeds declared
He was the Great Emmanuel, “God with us”.

Millennia later, little Emmanuel,
Needing your parents’ nurture and care,
You, dependent too, in your cradle lie,
Daily growing more contented and fair.
I wish for you not ease, wealth or fame
But that, Emmanuel, you so grow in mind
That in judgment you will be wise and just
And in disposition gentle and kind.

Emmanuel, grab hold of this miracle, life.
Grow, be happy, a sweet and lovely boy,
Dispensing sunshine all around,
Touching everyone you love with joy;
And when the great Emmanuel returns,
A bright light claiming His rightful throne,
Ruling with justice and equity for all,
May he see in you one of His very own.

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  1. For my grandson Emmanuel, born September 3, the first child of Ben and Ali.