Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The King Receives the Holy Spirit.

2. Filled with the Holy Spirit.

When Jesus emerged from the river Jordan
A great voice sounded from heaven above,
And He was filled with the Spirit’s power
Which descended upon Him like a dove.

Immediately the Spirit drove Him
Into an arid, lonely wilderness,
Where, for forty arduous days and nights
He suffered hardships and was put to test.

“I hunger”, he thought, and had the power
To make from stones sweet bread spring forth;
Saw too all kingdoms in a moment of time;
Knew He had power to conquer the earth.

The trial was great but He found the answer.
This power was not for personal use.
 He would depend entirely upon God.
To use Spirit for self would be an abuse.

Angels then came and ministered to him
And full of spirit he went to Galilee,
Where He many miracles performed
On mountain, on plain and by the sea.

By His voice He raised a widow’s son.
He healed the lepers, the deaf, dumb and blind.
By touch He brought a dead girl to life.
He cured scores afflicted by unsound mind.

By the Spirit withered hands became whole,
A man suffering palsy returned to health,
Much healing which left Him tired and spent
But never did He use the Spirit for self.

To the very end He continued to give
From the deep well He held within,
Right to those last words, “It is finished”,
When He was released from suffering.

Who can comprehend this kind of love?
Who could think of a life so completely good?
Who could imagine a servant this great?
Who else could He be but the Son of God?

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  1. In a very limited and vastly inadequate way I'm continuing to try to demonstrate some of the greatness of Jesus in this, the second part of my intended series called "The King".