Tuesday, 7 January 2014

4. Let me not diminish His wonder

Let me not diminish His wonder
By declaring He was God come to earth.
In a woman’s womb a foetus enlarged
Until a virgin brought a baby to birth.
A child, growing strong in spirit and mind,
Became a man who, by the blue lake’s shore
Healed the sick, dumb, lame, grief-stricken and blind.
This man felt for the afflicted and poor, 
This man gave without counting the cost,
This man In Gethsemane pleaded and sighed,
This man bled painfully upon the cross
And this man suffered until this man died.
Ask though to see God in the human race
And I say look then upon this man’s face.

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  1. This is the fourth in my series, "The King", this time written in sonnet form.