Sunday, 23 April 2017



Published at Rat’s Ass Review

I linger no longer
in this labyrinth.
Darkness suffocates.
The sulphurous air
stinks of bitterness.
Besides, your locked door
has no key.

I wade the dark river,
my pack heavy.
I shed weights,
slip on rocks,
halt before the last sheer face.

High above, light pools,
casts dappled patterns,
slants in descending columns
through cloud and tree.
Birds arc and flit in the silken air,
the dome gloriously blue,
the night diamond flecked.

I drop my pack.
The leaden thump
echoes through the darkness.
I look upwards, breathe, place one hand 
on the smooth surface
and climb.
The living wait.
With each inching ascent
I feel other hands
reaching down.

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