Wednesday, 19 April 2017



Published at Guy Farmer’s Social Justice Poetry.

For sale,
Planet Earth,
The Solar System,
Orion Arm,
The Milky Way.

This planet,
filled with abundant life
and suggestion of spirit-force,
is slightly used
but has great potential.

Prospective buyers will notice
some wear at the Poles,
difficulty with the air-conditioning,
considerable habitat loss, 
coral bleaching,
and species extinction
due to short-term thinking
from the dominant species.

Repairable with care and planning,
the site retains much natural beauty.
In particular, the dome 
remains largely untouched,
ethereal blue by day,
stained-glass beauty 
morning and evening, 
diamond-studded velvet quilt at night.
Other features include 
snow capped mountains,
vast oceans that crash on cliffs
or curl and slap on sand, 
rivers that rush, fall, roar, meander,
and a dazzling array of vegetation
too varied to list.

But hurry.
A myopic beast called “Corporation”,
caring little for plunder and greatly for profit,
is intent on consuming everything in the yard.

All responsible buyers are welcome.
Please organise inter-galactic
visiting rights before inspection.


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  1. Good stuff, for a marketing person like me, this one is must read book. Thank you for sharing it with us and keep posting such posts