Sunday, 1 April 2018

The Merchant”s Pearl.


The Merchant’s Pearl.

Gentlemen, our last item is truly special.
I unveil magnificence. 
Note the perfect plumpness of the breasts,
the silken smoothness of the thighs,
the fineness of the skin,
the thickness of the hair,
the untarnished youth.
You have been blessed with money.
Your power has brought you rare privilege.
Many dream of such honour.
Now this can be yours to buy, to possess, to enjoy.
There are no obligations attached.
Keep it for as long as you like.
Do with it as you will.
I see your eyes feasting.
Let your imaginations feast too.
All will envy you, consider you blessed.
Now, gentlemen, who will start?
Who makes the first bid?

This satire was first published in The Ekphrastic Review.

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