Friday, 29 September 2017

Cordelia's Grief.

Cordelia’s Grief.

Published at Verse- Virtual

Here I disclaim all my paternal care
-King Lear, Act 1, Scene 1.

Should I complain?
My Lord’s domain is beautiful,
sunnier than home,
filled with mountains, rivers
and vineyards on the rolling hills.
My Lord, great France, is kind and loving.
I want for nothing.

Yet grief fills my nights.

Then I remember, my sisters,
our young lives together.
What hardened your hearts?  
What stole your sisterly affection?

But most I grieve for you, my father.
When I was young I lay in your arms,
trusted you and felt safe there
yet you have cruelly banished me.
What happened to your judgment?
What happened to your love?

I want to let you go.
I want this nightly grief to leave.
The heart-hurt is deep.
I want to be free of it.

But every night, in my very essence,
that place where my spirit dwells,
heavy chains of blood and love
bind me to the full sad weight of you.

O my father, my father,
what happened to you?
Was it only time that diminished you
or did my love make me blind?

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