Sunday, 28 February 2016

The Phosphorescence Lapping.

I raise my eyes in silence
towards the vast solemnity,
distant fading stars,
great symbols of eternity,

sensing that there is something
invisible, veiled from sight,
a portal to reach and tear
and reveal a realm of light,

unutterable mysteries
words can never convey,
beyond this time-trapped
confluence of breath and clay-

only few have ever seen,
holy men in ages past
in prophecy, vision and dream

but then I know that all
can gaze upon the dew,
the moon upon the water,
the sky's ethereal blue

or in privileged reverence gape,
in wonder and in awe
at the phosphorescence lapping
so close upon the shore.


  1. Powerful,profound poem. It is an awesome prayer.

  2. Lovely of you to say so and to take the time to comment. Thanks, Gary.

  3. This puts our chaotic world into perspective with serene images and language. Really powerful poem, Neil, and very timely...and timeless.Thank you for sharing your gift of words.