Monday, 12 October 2015

Is It Not Enough

flare of colour in the clouds
sun rising from behind the sea
restless rippling breeze gently
touching water, sand and tree

fragile freshness of sparkling dew
distant rumble from purple cloud
hint of heavy afternoon heat
night's silent dark shroud

moonlight lying on the swell
velvet wonder of the night
silent mystery of the deep
studded diamond points of light

I raise my eyes in wonder
towards evening's vast solemnity,
toward those distant fading stars,
great symbols of eternity

sensing that there is something
invisible, veiled from sight
that if I could but reach and tear
I could glimpse a realm of light

and revelations
words can never convey,
unutterable visions of life's
secret mystery of breath and clay

into such dimensions
only few have ever seen,
holy men in ages past
in prophecy, vision and dream

but all have the colour of cloud
the sparkle of the dew
the moon upon the water
the sky's ethereal blue

and is it not enough to gaze
in wonder and in awe
at the phosphorescence lapping
so close upon the shore.

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