Sunday, 29 June 2014

Earth to Humankind

When I walked beside the magnificent Aletsch Glacier in Switzerland, saw how much it had retreated, read about the speed with which this is happening, heard the glib pronouncements from our politicians, I was moved by the idea of how exploitative we humans are and our need to act to protect the earth, the only home we will ever have. This poem and its abusive metaphor is the result.

I gave you all, said "Come, lie with me,
on me, in me, live by me, through me,
gaze upon my face, caress my curves,
I give you life and beauty too-
all I have is yours to share
but please place me gently in your care."
Was it right then to tear my garments,
steal my jewels, scar my face,
besmear and besmirch my silken skin,
grope and gouge my secret parts-
your rule, cruel, your treatment, rough,
so insatiable you could never get enough?
Come, repent, be my friend,
be tender, gentle, make amends,
it is not yet too late to start again,
before the future's children bemoan your folly,
and, despairing about their hope and fate,
curse your abusive misrule,
and you for being a short-sighted fool.

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