Sunday, 29 September 2013


I have not much in terms of gold
But my head is full of dreams.
I search for truth and beauty
And not money making schemes.

But come, my love, and take this hand.
Let us not waste this treasure life
In narrow scurrying after gold and gain,
Or in a carping, petty, struggling strife.

The world in its wonder lies before us,
It is ours to possess and hold.
Let us dance and sing together
And watch the world in beauty unfold.

So come, take a risk and love me.
Our tomorrows can be filled with light.
I will shower you with most tender care,
And hold you through the dark and night.

O sir what you say is very sweet
Dreams are fine and pure I know
But I rather think we cannot live on such
And hunger will make their promise hollow.

Words are fine and beautiful things
But words without deeds mean almost naught
And life lived on such insubstantial things
Is challenging, difficult and sadly fraught.

For poverty is the thief of love
And disappointment will bring grief.
In the difficulties and struggles of life
 I rather think that money brings some relief

But if, as you say, you truly love me
Then put your shoulder to the wheel
And in diligence and application
Prove to me that your love is real.

Then you can my partner be,
Then we may commune face to face.
Then we may in beauty dwell.
Then you may lie in my embrace.

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  1. Kind of just playing around with the idealist and the pragmatist.