Thursday, 16 May 2013


Come. It is the dawn. We must move on.
Autumn’s blue stillness is in the air.
Summer’s shimmering heat has gone.
The day that rises is calm and fair.

Think not on what lies behind or ahead.
Press on in courage, faith and belief.
Each day’s journey is sufficient to itself;
Each day will contain both joy and grief.    

Night is coming when travel ceases,
Winter will bring its own bitter states;
But beyond the night and winter’s chill
On high mountain slope the summit awaits.

We have our map. We have our hope.
The journey’s end is within our reach.
What if the way is fierce, hard and wild?
Waiting at the summit is joy and peace.

As long as you travel by my side
Of each day’s trials what do I care?
Even the burdens in the blue-black clouds
In hindsight can seem as light as air.

So let us be gone. Let us travel together
Through each day’s jubilation and sorrow.
Hand in hand we will support each other.                              
Resolutely we will face the morrow.

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