Friday, 12 April 2013

Postcard from Venice. The Bridge of Sighs.

A few short steps, perhaps a dozen or so,
A few short steps across the Bridge of Sighs,
A few short steps to dungeons of woe,
A few short steps to fear and despise.

A few short steps to the cold and dark,
A few short steps to sorrow and pain,
Short steps to a world bleak and stark,
Short steps to degradation and shame.

Short steps from the Doge's ornate splendour,
Short steps from the extravagance wealth imparts,
Short steps from power, prestige and honour,
Short steps from the palace of gold and art.

The Bridge of Sighs is for heavy tread,
The Bridge of Sighs makes the heavy heart stop,
Just a few short steps but with boots of lead,
A few short steps to a precipitous drop.

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