Thursday, 28 February 2013

Earth Music

An intricate, richly sensual tune
This tactile, perfumed earth sings
And to the song of sun, sea and moon
All creation its own harmony brings.
The lover sun holds earth in his arms,
The insatiable sea caresses the shore,
The night is besotted by the moon’s charms
And everywhere is the cry for more.
Flowers willingly open for honey bees,
Clouds are the vaporous water’s embrace,
And with earth and sea the insistent breeze
Changingly communes as if face to face.

Thus every creature is entranced
By the music that around them flows
And caught up in this harmony dance
Patterns each intuitively knows.
All these are creatures of the dust
Caught in earth’s scent and song,
Singing and dancing in the way they must
Patterns of desire to which they belong.
Whether in stealth, danger or death,
In grace, beauty or fluttering need,
In savagery or urgent stress,
All fill earth’s rich symphony of seed.

So you and I, who smell the perfumed air,
Are caught and enfolded by this song
And to its great pattern and desire
Our lives in close union belong.
The sounds ringing with rich complexity
Melody upon melody entwine,
And tenderness, love and fidelity
In its high, clear, pure notes shine.
O my love, I in this great world stand
Surrounded by rich music of life,
Sustained in spirit, heart, mind and hand
By you – my partner, joy, soul mate and wife.

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