Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Streets of Woe

I hear a brittle shallow laughter
Echoing through these streets of woe,
See the tears, the ache, the sorrow
Behind its neon, electric glow,

Hear the incandescent spin
Behind the flickering deceit,
Hear beneath the tinseled glitter,
The loss, the sorrow, the defeat,

Hear the peddling of many lies,
See the headlong rush for gain,
See the hollowed, hopeless stares
Veiling the emptiness and the pain.

O Lord Jesus, come, come quickly,
Unbind these chains and set us free,
Lift the veil of doubt and sorrow,
Wash us, bathe us with your liberty.

Let your reign be as is promised,
Let the poor and oppressed rejoice,
Let Death be swallowed up in victory,
Let the earth resound in exultant voice.

Let Eden be restored again,
Let all creatures great and small
Dance and sing in deepest joy,
Let the great Creator be all in all.

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