Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A Dream

I dreamed a dream
That a great King ruled in justice and peace.
His reign was like soft showers that descend
Upon the cracked, parched and barren earth
And bright, new, green things sprung to birth.
Of that freshness and joy there was no end,
Nor did his righteousness ever cease.

I dreamed a dream
That his helpers, all dressed in shining white
And mounted on the wings of the wind,
Travelled in the splendour of the King’s name
And to the earth’s corners and isles did proclaim
A message of freedom to all mankind
And their work was peace and joyously bright.

I dreamed a dream
That poverty and inequality were swept away
Along with the oppressive grip of famine,
And degree by degree through his great will
All people had their needs happily fulfilled.
It was the King’s desire to determine
That this equality would always stay.

I dreamed a dream
That war was abolished by his decree
And weapons were beaten into farmer’s tools,
So that a mother’s tears would no longer pour
From the black billowing waste of war,
For peace was the characteristic of his rule
And it covered the earth as water the sea.

I dreamed a dream
That even the enemy death he defeated,
As well as the allies of sorrow, sighing and strife.
Tears were wiped from everyone’s eyes,
The water of life was given to the wise,
Who joyously embraced the gift of life
And in this conquest his work was completed.

I dreamed a dream,
I dreamed a dream,
I dreamed a dream.

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