Sunday, 14 August 2011

Time Folding

For my dear schoolfriends, Mara Pavlidis and Laurel West.

They say Time separates
But it is not always so.
Sometimes Time clarifies things
Youth’s fog can but dimly know.

So Time revealed one friend in mind
And another friend in heart,
Knowledge poorly understood in school
Or understood, at best, in part.

And as he thought on this
He came to understand
That Time’s relentless lineal march
Can be folded by friendship’s hand.

So in heart and spirit he rejoiced
But then a darkness came to mind,
That Time only plays a waiting game
In its triumph over all mankind.

But then he knows that Faith’s nimble hand
Can Death’s tangled knots unwind,
And the deepest bonds of faith, hope and love
Will conquer even Time.

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